June 17, 2011 in Network

Network Security

With security threats increasing in number and sophistication, businesses want to gain protection, control, and visibility over their security systems, preventing incidents and threats that disrupt productivity, impact customer relationships, and erode profits.

Our systems approach to security results in improved value of your investment over time, because it’s more flexible and enables security policy to more quickly change and keep up with changing business objectives.

Cisco Data Security

The traditional network perimeter is shifting as new business practices emerge. Cisco Secure Borderless Networks promote workforce-enabling technologies while protecting company data, resources, and staff.

Technologies such as collaboration, cloud computing, and web applications promote productivity for an increasingly distributed workforce. You need to employ these technologies and protect your company, while allowing the freedom and flexibility that your employees have come to expect.

Cisco Secure Borderless Networks are:

  • Flexible: It helps protect mobile employees, extends office-caliber services, and pushes security services closer to users.
  • Integrated: This complete solution uses the network to bring greater intelligence and control, such as identity-aware security and services.
  • Proactive: It provides information and analysis to the right people, devices, and locations on emerging and global threats.

You can build a highly secure yet transparent, flexible, and integrated network infrastructure while achieving better efficiency and lower total cost of ownership.

Juniper Data Security

Architecting Data Center Security in Today’s Environment 
The data center has evolved drastically in a very short amount of time. This evolution has been driven by cost and performance benefits. The fundamental shifts in the data center are attributed to:

  • Data center consolidation with a greater dependency on larger, more centralized data centers
  • Distributed applications driven by Service Oriented Architectures (SOA)
  • The nearly instantaneous conversion towards server virtualization

When network architectures change to such a large degree, new threats and vulnerabilities emerge. This dramatic shift in the data center requires not only a new data center network infrastructure, but a new data center security solution. A tightly integrated solution is required to provide visibility, enforcement and scale across the data center fabric.

Juniper’s approach to securing the new data center architecture provides:

  • Tight integration with the data center network fabric to enable visibility and security enforcement across any traffic flow in the data center
  • High-performance implementation, allowing five times more VMs per VMware ESX hosts than alternatives
  • Zone integrity that bridges across both physical and virtual networks
  • Tightly integrated management and reporting to provide the necessary visibility across the data center