April 19, 2011 in Business Telephony

Cisco IP Solutions

Now you can combine all forms of business communications into a single, unified solution to help your employees, customers, suppliers, and partners communicate with each other, quickly and easily, without obstacles.

Connect and Collaborate with Confidence

What happens when you can instantly place a video call to several team members at once, or have a personal video meeting with a vendor? You can provide:

  • Live updates
  • Make team decisions
  • Solve problems together

Unified communications helps you work faster and better by delivering:

Instant Connections: Give employees highly secure access to communications everywhere there is a network connection–through IP phones, unified clients, softphones, and mobile communications.

More Effective Communications: Let your staff choose how, when, and where they can be reached. Tools such as instant messaging, presence, mobility, preference, and unified messaging give them the choices.

Visibility into Availability: Being able to see which colleagues are available means employees can reach the right person the first time. It saves time on both sides, and allows users to work for uninterrupted periods.

Collaborate On-Demand

Online team collaboration is the new way of working, both within and across companies, for any size company. Consider the possibilities:

Instant Collaboration: Use any system, any browser, or any device to initiate audio, web, and video conferencing through Outlook calendars.

Virtual Meetings: Meet “face-to-face” anytime, without travel. Immersive Cisco TelePresence solutions make it possible and feasible.

A Human Touch: When you aren’t together in the same room, use quick and easy desktop video conferencing to connect to other desktops and mobile devices.